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The art of newborn photography

For once in a lifetime, we provide you the best gift 

Capture every moment of life, filling all the gaps in your memory...






and more...


Why Choose Us?

Quality | Commitment


The beauty of art comes from continuous creation and self-enrichment, while photographing skills comes from the refinement of time and accumulation of experience. Time Gap Studio combines two important elements to provide customers with the highest quality commitment of art.



Listen, Capture every touching moments

Time Gap Studio believes every newborn deserve to have their moment captured. Under this belief, we hope to not only capture, but to embrace the born of each new life.

International Awards

Accreditation members of WPPI, PPAC, WPA




AWPA - Newborn - 2 Excellence Awards

PPAC - Newborn - 1 Bronze Award

PPAC - Children - 1 Bronze Award

AWPA 2019 Annual Award - 1 Bronze Award​


PPAC - Newborn - 1st Place Award

PPAC - Newborn - 1 Silver Award

PPAC - Newborn - 1 Bronze Award

PPAC - Portraits - 1 Bronze Award

WPPI - Portrait Contemporary (Composite) - 1 Silver Award

AWPA - Newborn - 2 Excellence Awards



AWPA 2nd half year - Newborn - 1 Excellence Award

The beginning | The memory

Because I doesn't want to miss every little piece of memories about you in the beginning of your life.


I just want you to remember how precious and special of you.

We capture precious images for every newborn within two weeks of birth. 

Want to create exclusive memories of you and your new bundle of joy? 

Time Gap Studio can provide you a customised memory services. 

Pricing Info

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