About Me


Hi, I’m HengYau Sua. Just married and a dad of one lovely daughter. 


The founder/photographer of Time Gap Studio based in Melbourne, VIC living in eastern suburb. Currently, a Medical Scientist specialised in Haematology Department. My job trained me to think critically and logically in the lab. At the same time managing difficult tasks in a creative way has become my daily routine. These skills have greatly impacted the way I approach arts, fine-tuning in every aspect to achieve perfect images.


I have a sincere passion and dedication to photography started in 2013. Mastering in portrait division, primarily in newborn and baby. The members of APPI, WPPI, PPAC, WPA, along with the well-known international photography awards that I have received for portrait and newborn, proves that I’m truly professional, technically capable, and sufficient experience in doing what I love. 


My focus here wasn’t purely for business but enjoying myself in creating and embrace every precious new life comer. I always asked myself if I have treated my clients as if I would like to be treated by others. Having that said, I always ensure that all my artwork can be confidently framed and preserved the precious moments for the clients in a lifetime.


Interested in booking a session with me? Let’s connect and make awesome work together! Feel free to message me by simply click here, or LiveChat or send me an email at 8prilstudio@gmail.com and I will get back to you as soon as I can!



AWPA 2020 Annual Award - 1 Bronze Awards


AWPA - Newborn - 2 Excellence Awards

PPAC - Newborn - 1 Bronze Award

PPAC - Children - 1 Bronze Award

AWPA 2019 Annual Award - 1 Bronze Award


PPAC - Newborn - 1st Place Award

PPAC - Newborn - 1 Silver Award

PPAC - Newborn - 1 Bronze Award

PPAC - Portraits - 1 Bronze Award

WPPI - Portrait Contemporary (Composite) - 1 Silver Award

AWPA - Newborn - 2 Excellence Awards


AWPA 2nd half year - Newborn - 1 Excellence Award

Accreditation members: