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  • Do you provide unedited jpeg digital files?
    We specialised in producing high quality professional images including printing, album, wall acrylic, and canvas. To maintain our professional standards, we do not provide unedited digital images, however a digital version of your final products that you purchased will be included complimentary as part of your order.
  • How long will I receive my final product?
    To produce the highest quality images, we tend to spend more time on detailing which will takes approximately 4 weeks to finalise your images to you.
  • How long does it takes to process the prints
    In general, standard prints will takes approximately a week to process, however some special orders may takes more than a week.
  • Can we change our session date after paying the non-refundable deposit?
    Yes you may change the session date at least 7 days prior to actual session date without additional charges. Subject to availability.
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